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E Ink Technology and kat jointly launched advanced color electronic paper ink screen

Author : Beautiful legend Date : 2020/12/23 10:03:42
Beijing time on December 9, news, China touch screen network news, Yuantai and Kat launched a flexible color electronic paper display. According to the joint statement of the two companies, EIH and Kat have jointly launched a series of Legio brand flexible color displays based on the former's Advanced Color e-Paper (ACeP) technology.
Legio brand flexible color electronic paper display solution (picture source: Yuantai Technology)
The two parties stated that the production of related ACeP display devices uses Kat's advanced OTFT (organic thin film transistor) display, which is more robust and durable than standard glass TFT, and is thinner and lighter, making it very suitable for wearable devices, etc. application.
ACeP displays have been used in signage. The addition of Kat technology allows it to be extended to applications requiring thinner and lighter displays.
Yuan Tai Technology Chairman Li Zhenghao said that Legio flexible color displays will enable customers to bring new color applications to the market faster and more economically.
The two companies said that evaluation tools will be available later in 2020 so that designers can try out these displays.

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