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The difference between industrial display and vehicle display

Author : Date : 2022/7/28 18:04:53
At present, there are many types of liquid crystal display in the market, which can be roughly divided into the following categories: consumer-grade display, industrial-grade display, vehicle-grade display, military-grade display, etc. . Today we are going to talk about the difference between on-board display and industrial display. We will take Kyocera's TCG070WVLQGPNN-AN40 and Auo's G070VTN01.0 as examples to discuss the difference between the two.





Temperature requirements. The temperature of the liquid crystal display is generally divided into operating and storage temperatures. The first image shows an industrial-grade display, G070VTN01.0, with operating temperatures ranging from -20 â ° C to 70 â ° C, the figure below shows the parameters of TCG070WVLQGPNN-AN40, the operating temperature of which is between -30 ° C and 85 ° C. You can see that the operating temperature range of the car-mounted display is wider, this is because cars are required to operate in extreme environments for long periods of time, relative to industrial applications, and therefore require a wider temperature range. 2. Brightness and Life Requirement: The brightness of TCG070WVLQGPNN-AN40 of Kyocera is 1000cd/m, life requirement is 70000h, the brightness of G070VTN01.0 is 300cd/m, life requirement is 30000h, the brightness and life of on-board display screen are required to be higher, but because the central control display screen of the car usually works under the direct sunlight, it needs to be highlighted to see the screen clearly, while the industrial-grade display screen is mostly used in the room, the brightness requirement is lower; The service life of automobile display is more than 10 years, which is much longer than that of industrial application. The corresponding life is longer. It is normal for some manufacturers to require a life of 100,000 hours. 3. Reliability requirements, reliability is mainly divided into two aspects: Environmental Test and mechanical test. The reliability items, test temperature and time of the vehicle display screen should be strict with the industrial display. 4, the years of supply, the supply of industrial display panel is generally about 3 years, while the car display panel is 5 to 8 years of supply. The above points are the most important differences between the car-mounted display and the industrial display, and for the difference of photoelectric parameters, mainly depends on the requirements of the client. Original article from the Industrial Lcd screen: www.katielcd.cn/ , reproduced please indicate the source


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