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Name: Wang Guoping
Mobile: 13590189252
E-mail: info@katielcd.cn
Add: RM205 Mingdu Building Xinhe Avenue Shajing Street Baoan District SZ,GD,CHINA
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QQ: 171784957


Company Profile
     Shenzhen Kaidiertuo Technology Co., Ltd. is located in the vibrant Baoan District of Shenzhen City. It is an experienced supplier of small and medium-sized LCD module solutions. The company acts as an agent for the sale of small and medium-sized industrial, commercial display and civilian TFT-LCD modules of various LCD brands such as PVI, CPT, HYDIS, AUO, CMO, INNLOUX, TIANMA, NEC, Sharp, LG, etc., and independently develops, designs and produces industrial standard T/CON driver board, LCD driver board, LCD inverter and display module peripheral products with TTL and LVDS interface.
   Kaidiertuo Technology has been relying on its strong technical research and development strength in design and development for many years, and has continuously innovated itself to develop and produce high-quality, low-cost product solutions. We can meet the needs of different users, different industries, and different use environments. Our products have been used in industrial control equipment, military, medical, machinery, projectors, security, video doorbells, monitors, advertising players, digital photo frames, industrial computers, smart meters, finance, electricity, communications, medical equipment, instrumentation, Industrial field control and monitoring equipment, digital control equipment and other fields are widely used.
     With many years of experience in design and development and LCD sales, Kaidiertuo Technology has continuously in-depth understanding of the different needs of different customers in the market. It not only provides customers with professional pre-sales services and perfect after-sales services, but also helps customers customize the production of various LCDs Driver board. Catalto Technology can not only provide various standard drive solutions listed in the company's website, but also quickly design solutions for customers according to their different needs to help your products enter the market one step faster.
  The company has always adhered to the tenet of "quality first, reputation first, management-oriented, and service-oriented", constantly innovating, taking technology as the core, quality as life, and customers as God!

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