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Innolux launches forward-looking innovative technologies and applications of the latest automotive display panels at CES2021

Author : Touch screen and OLED network Date : 2021/1/18 10:24:34
Innolux's CES show car uses top-notch display technology to create a new intelligent experience. Innolux (3481) participated in the 2021 US Consumer Electronics Show (CES), and launched the top display technology and all-round solutions on the spot. In addition to the full range of the latest smart entertainment application exhibits, it also focuses on the field of smart cars. Supply chain partners have introduced forward-looking innovative technologies and applications of the latest automotive display panels, building a smart car field ecological chain with high performance, high reliability and high stability.

Go beyond the new blue ocean and attack smart cars

Driven by the new wave of AI, 5G and the Internet of Things, the importance of smart car panels is increasing day by day. According to the research institute IDC, it is estimated that by 2024 global smart connected car shipments will reach about 76.2 million units, and More than 71% of new car shipments will be equipped with intelligent networking systems. Innolux has been deeply involved in automotive display panels for many years and has surpassed the industry. Its exclusive technology automotive panels have entered the supply chain of global brand manufacturers, and continue to provide customers with a full range of integrated display product portfolios, including oversized panels, special-shaped cut panels and high resolution Rate display, etc. Today Innolux first developed the "11.6-inch car display", equipped with miniLED backlight display technology, with high contrast, high color saturation, high resolution, low power consumption and other excellent characteristics. In the future, we will look at microLED high-end display car panels. Plan a new blueprint for future smart cars.

In recent years, as the development of AIoT, Internet of Vehicles and automation technology has become more and more mature, the human-machine interface and interior of vehicles are developing towards more intelligent and personal development, including the development of digital instrument panels towards large-screen integration, multi-screen, and free-form display panels. . Group Creation is the industry’s first automotive panel supplier to provide special-shaped displays. It expands the integrated panel assembly components with "intelligent special-shaped automotive displays" and combines different exterior displays including 10.25-inch central control and 14.96-inch dashboards to make smart cars It can be loaded with diverse and rich information, such as driving information, vehicle information, external environment information and audio-visual entertainment systems, etc. This product has received large orders from car factory customers, and its production capacity continues to be fully loaded.

Innolux exhibited at the 2021CES to focus on the smart car field by exhibiting the "Smart Special-shaped Car Display". Picture / Innolux provided

At the same time, Innolux is actively developing multiple touch integration solutions, and continues to expand the field of multiple intelligent vehicles with deep research and development kinetic energy. Today, Innolux also showcased the "9-inch touch display automotive panel". Through Innolux's complete standard standardized product line and exclusive built-in integrated touch technology, products can be manufactured according to customer needs and cost more competitive. Power and appearance are more concise and thinner. Innolux continues to actively discuss technology platform cooperation with major automakers, and aggressively deploy forward-looking technologies in the field of smart vehicles.

Innolux is one of the world's important automotive display panel suppliers. It provides one-stop services with excellent leading technology, high production efficiency and meeting customer needs. It will continue to promote the development of the automotive industry and provide a new generation of better quality and high performance. Car experience, and work together to create a prosperous smart car industry.

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