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E Ink Technology and Plastic Logic jointly release the world's first flexible full-color electronic paper

Author : Fast Technology Date : 2020/12/29 9:14:58
On December 6th, E Ink Yuantai Technology announced that it will cooperate with Plastic Logic to release the world's first soft full-color electronic paper Iridis using E Ink's advanced color electronic paper technology.

It is understood that Iriddis combines the strengths of the two companies, covering the ACeP technology of Yuantai Technology's electronic paper and the OTFT backplane of Plastic Logic. Realize the combination of the characteristics of electronic paper without backlight and the flexibility of flexible substrates.

Among them, ACeP (Advanced Color ePaper) is a fully reflective electronic paper technology that uses colored particles, and is currently used in billboards and other products.

Plastic Logic's leading organic thin film transistor (OTFT) backplane technology has the characteristics of high resolution, thinness and ultra-low power consumption. Compared with conventional glass substrate TFT backplanes, OTFT backplanes are more robust and thinner, making them suitable for wearable device applications.

Last month, Yuantai Technology also showed that the 10.3-inch foldable electronic paper and ink screen device is elegantly stowed and easy to carry when not in use. When needed, it has a large screen display that is easy to read.

It inherits the characteristics of e-paper bistable, reflective, and easy to read for a long time. The 10.3-inch foldable e-paper is suitable for use in e-paper readers, e-paper notebooks and other products in the future.

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